How this 15 Year Old Made His Marketing Agency Succeed

With digital marketing increasingly on the rise, and the fall of print rapidly picking up speed, I interview Laurence Moss, a 15 year old entrepreneur from the United Kingdom, CEO of the Instagram marketing agency Greedy Growth, to find out how he’s taken his agency from 0 and the issues he’s faced along the way.

What values and principles do you hold closely to in business?

Laurence: I strongly believe that honesty and integrity (as cliche as it sounds) are very important. Especially in the B2B sector when you’re working with big brands, they will see past any lies, so transparency is key, and that’s ultimately what builds trust and relationships. I’m grateful for every client I have, and I show them that by maintaining the same respect and communication that I would want back.

There’s no business without challenges, what challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?

Laurence: Right on. There’s always challenges, no matter what industry you’re in, or what type of business you’re running. Part of being a good entrepreneur is having the ability and drive to get past them. For me, the challenge was developing a set of services that hit the nail on the head. There aren’t many other Instagram marketing agencies doing what I’m doing, so there wasn’t really anything I could benchmark my agency against. At first I really undervalued my services, but of course over time I learnt from my clients the true value they were getting out of my services.

I distinctly remember that I was left with no clients mid-way through 2019 after losing my biggest client, and I was just reaching out to everyone I possibly could, just trying to sell my services. I took a step back one week and just looked at what other B2B businesses were doing. They weren’t selling the same services as me but it was the same concept. You can’t go in for the hard sell. Running a B2B businesses is all about relations, and the moment I realised this and started prioritising just building my network on LinkedIn and other social medias, without the intent to sell people my services, everything started to fall into place.

Do you think you have any exceptional talent that’s a key factor for success in your business?

Laurence: I don’t believe that it’s talent that makes someone successful in business, but of course that’s subjective. For me personally, I think what’s more important is the ‘why’. That’s what’ll keep you going till your end goal and eventual success. I just love the process of running a business, it just excites me. I also have a passion for the industry I’m in, I’ve been doing Instagram marketing since the beginning of 2018 when I was 13, so it’s something that I’ve invested a massive amount of time and dedication into.

What’s your biggest source of Inspiration?

Laurence: Personally, I look up to the industry leaders the most. I’m in the social media marketing industry, so naturally I found Gary Vee and started watching his videos on YouTube, and the existence and success of his agency VaynerMedia was really fascinating to me. I also find inspiration in the influencer marketing agency: ‘The Goat Agency’. I find it just so interesting to see behind the walls of a real life social media marketing agency with hundreds of employees and a proper framework in place. The Goat Agency has a team that makes a daily vlog, and they go around the office each day talking to the employees, it’s interesting to watch.

There are a lot of young people out there who are trying hard to be as successful as you are, what words of advice can you give to them?

Laurence: I think it’d be to just get stuck in. There are lots of misconceptions about entrepreneurship in general, such as ‘you need money to start’ or even ‘you need to be 18’. Age shouldn’t be an excuse, and I believe that society as a whole should be encouraging an entrepreneurial attitude from young people. YouTube is going to help you a lot, but don’t fall down the hole of overpriced courses. I have never purchased a single course to get where I am now, the majority of my knowledge comes from the free communities I’ve joined, the industry leaders I’ve had conversations with, and my own experience. It’s critical to understand that your success cannot be formed by anyone other than you, so while there may be people that can help you along the way, there is no-one who will walk you hand in hand to the finish line. Finding out your ‘why’ is important.

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